Elaine Schollar with

Alan Simpson & Ray Galton



Elaine Schollar was a key figure in the Tony Hancock Appreciation

Society for more than 20 years. From merchandise officer to membership

secretary. She played a leading role in organising a tribute event for writers

Ray Galton and Alan Simpson in Chiswick in 2004, and was also

instrumental in helping organise the first ever long term exhibition of

Hancock memorabilia at Gunnersbury Museum in 2006, a display which

ran for just under a year, and which was highly successful.


Elaine now contributes research, articles and proof reading to the THA, and

uses her managerial and secretarial skills in the running of the organisation.

Jeff Hammonds (left)

with actor Hugh Lloyd




Jeff Hammonds was responsible for the setting up of a digital sound

archive for the THAS. The BBC used his audio restoration expertise on

the CD release of “The ‘Lost’ Episodes” (2006). Jeff has contributed to

several books over the years, including, ‘When The Wind

Changed - The Life & Death Of Tony Hancock’ by Cliff Goodwin

(Century; 1999); ‘50 Years Of Hancock’s Half Hour’ by Richard Webber

(Century; 2004); and ‘Tony Hancock’ by John Fisher (Harper Collins 2008).

Jeff was involved in providing previously unseen material for the BBC2

documentary, ‘The Unknown Hancock’ (2005). Over the past years, Elaine

and Jeff have also given time and help organising various Hancock

events around the country about the life and career of Tony Hancock.


John Thompson

(A Pint?)


John Thompson has been a devoted fan of Tony Hancock for several

years. His interest in the lad from East Cheam has taken him far and

wide, attending many Hancock functions and photographing many

locations associated with the life and career of his comedy hero.

John not only joins the Tony Hancock Archives as researcher,

but will also become our resident expert on the various draught beers

from around the country.